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CML's online reference hub for media literacy contains more than 1000 pages of background articles, core research studies and timely reports as well as an historical archive documenting the development of media literacy in the United States.  

New For You - current articles, reports, and videos from around the world. 

The CML MediaLit™ Kit - A Framework for Learning & Teaching in a Media Age. See CML's newest resources!

Connections Newsletter - published ongoing from 2008,  a project of the Consortium for Media Literacy that provides monthly explorations of topics important to the field along with research and classroom activities called MediaLit Moments that utilize CML's framework.  Archive includes more than 60 issues and activities with topical and timely coverage. 

Media&Values Archive
Published from 1977 to 1993, Media&Values magazine served for many as the charcoal to ignite the flame of media literacy in the United States. Over 350 articles from 63 issues are now online.

Media Literacy in the USA
Original source documents, reflection articles, papers and reports trace events and influences on the development of media literacy in the USA.

Media Literacy and Education

On Media and Living in a Media Culture

Media Literacy and Public Health

Media Literacy in the Home

Media Literacy in Faith Communities

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